23 Aug 2012

Want to learn to coupon the right way check out her site

Here is another site that I love and use everyday for tips on how to save lots of money, she has the largest Canadian Database out there for coupons http://www.extremecouponingmom.ca/web/ or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Extremecouponingmom So i have been a fan of hers for a year or so now and just love being a fan on her site and i just resently order her ebook canadian coupoing 101 and fell in love with this book. I did know a lot of the basic coupoing stuff that she does explain in her book but there was still lots of stuff that i didn't know like 1 per transaction virus 1 per purchase and so much more. This book is easy to read and understand and she puts it all out there for you and it's so simple to follow. After reading her ebook all of the tips and tricks to save me hundreds of dollars a year. You can order it though her at low price of $15 and sometimes she has it on sale and you can get it for $10. http://www.extremecouponingmom.ca/web/learn-to-coupon/ebook

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