23 Dec 2015

Zweet Offers Dec 23-29

Zweet is a Cash-Back Application available in Canada. New offers are available at midnight on Wednesdays and run until the following Tuesday. https://www.zweet.com/


Cash Back: $0.25

Glad Indoorr Trash bags with Febreze Freshness
Cash Back: $2.00

Buy 2: Wasa Crispbread
Cash Back: $1.50

Buy 2: Colavita Pasta
Cash Back:$1.00

St-Michel Cookies
Cash Back: $0.75

M'Lord Fruit
Cash Back:$1.00

Black Diamond Cheese Spread
Cash Back:$1.00

Buy 2: Jules Destooper Cookies
Cash Back:$1.75

Youth Code by L’Oreal Paris
Cash Back: $2.00

Maybelline New York Blush
Cash Back:$3.00

Maybelline New York Master Prime
Cash Back:$1.50

Maybelline New York Dream Wounder Powder
Cash Back:$2.50

Maybelline New York Betterskin Foundation
Cash Back:$3.00

Feria L'Orela Pair Hair Colour
Cash Back:$3.00 

Cab-Lib Grain Beverage
Cash Back:$2.00

Buy 2: Wernli Cookies
Cash Back:$1.75

Buy 2: Sweety Pepp Peppers
Cahs back:$1.00

Buy 2: Tabasco Olives
Cash Back:$5.00

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