20 Jan 2015

Secret Outlast Clear Gel BzzAgent Review

I was able to test out for FREE Secret Outlast Clear Gel in Ooh-La-La Lavender Sent from BzzAgent. It has a fresh and clean scent to it, not very overwhelming at all like others out there. This new product does not leave behind any wet marks or white strikes even on the darkest of darks. This deodorant does take a few minutes to dry so while I wait I do my makeup and brush me teeth in the morning and by the time I am done the deodorant has completely dried.

I am impressed that this deodorant does last 48 hours with out the need to reapply. I have always used the solid deodorants and they where ok however I always had to reapply. Secret Outlast Clear Gel has me hooked and I now have made the switched to clear gel with out looking back. I recommend this product to everyone that wants 48 hour protection and no more white marks left behind on any clothing.

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