14 Nov 2014

Influenster Monopoly Junior #GameNight Voxbox Review

My son and I have been playing the new monopoly junior board game that we got for free from Influenster. I have to say I am impressed that this is much essayer for younger children to play and understand. My son caught on right away to this game and has beaten me in all the games we have played so far.

The game comes with $1 bills, and 4 different cute characters to play with. You can buy properties like the ice cream store, library and more. I like that it teaches younger children money management skills and so much more. It takes less then an hour to play this game and it's a very scaled down verison of the original monopoly but still tones of fun. You still collect $2 when you pass Go and when a player lands on your property you have to pay them their rent and it ranges from $2 up to $5.

I didn't think my son liked game boards but he sure does now and loves the new monopoly junior game. I recommend to anyone that wants to introduce their small children to board games to start out with this one first you wont be disappointed at all. I will be also buying some more board games for my son to enjoy hours of fun.

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