28 May 2014

Influenster Broadway Nails #imPress Manicure Canada VoxBox Review

I had the chance to test out for free the new Broadway Nails #imPressManicure nails and I have to have I am quit impressed with them they lasted 6 days, though washing hands, showers, hand sanitizers with out coming off. There is a variety of colour and prints to choose from, I do like that you just pull off a sticky tab off the back and press on.They are quit and easy I did both hands in 5 minutes if you follow the directions on the box.

I did have trouble with one nail so I did use a little nail glue and I had no issues after. I also found they would get stuck under the nail when running my hands though my hair. I also thought they were a little short of nail so anyone that has a longer nail these will not work for you unless you trim them, however for me the size didn't matter.These will save money you tones of money and look like you just got them done at a salon for half the cost. I will be buying these again and recommend them to everyone.


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