3 Jul 2013

International Delight Iced Coffee Review

I received my BuzzKit and in it was 9 FREE coupons for International Delight Ice Coffee and two cups. The cups are hard plastic with a twist on top that won't leak and a nice hard straw that doesn’t bend. It come in 3 different flavours Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato and Mocha!

International Delights Iced Coffee is made from 100% premium Arabic coffee beans. I found these three delicious Iced Coffee at No Frills and Walmart in the fridge where they keep all the other creamers for around $4.47 - $4.99 (1.89L carton). You now can enjoy iced coffee at a fraction of the cost you’re used to (a little over 60 cents per serving!) No brewing coffee, just shake and pour over ice!

An extra $5 on my grocery bill that ends up saving me $25 or more on iced coffees is a huge hit with me! I will definitely be buying this product again and recommend it to you!

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