18 Mar 2013

PB Cheerios Update

If you were not able to find the PB Cheerios to redeem your coupon over the weekend, here is what General Mills posted as a comment under their pinned post: ~Karen

Hi everyone, we're sorry you weren't successful in finding Peanut Butter Cheerios this weekend. If it were up to us, every retailer would carry it in abundance! Because it is available for a limited time only, it was on special display - not in the usual shelves.

Thank you for providing us your feedback, and the opportunity to make this right. Please contact the General Mills Consumer Services team using the Feedback form on Life Made Delicious www.lifemadedelicious.ca or by calling toll-free at 1-800-516-7780.

We’d like to know which stores specifically you went to for the product and we will provide a replacement coupon for a General Mills cereal that you can redeem at your convenience.

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