18 Jan 2013

How To Get Started into Couponing Store Policies

How To Get Started into Couponing

This is really really important to know all the store policies i have them all printed and in my binder when i shop. Why you ask becasue you will get some cahsier that don't know there own store policies and that is where frustration sets in and may or may not de tour you away from couponing. There is some cashiers that will just try to give you a hard time as well. That is why i bring it with me so they can't pull anything with me. The best place so far to shop and price match is Walmart and No Frills. Thanks to save big live better here is some store policies i would suggest you print off the policies and bring them with you. http://www.savebiglivebetter.com/store-policies

Price Matching is so worth it i love the fact i can go into 1 store and do all my shopping. Walmart is best place to do this and to use print coupons. So how to price match i sit down when i get all the flyers and mark off what i need then look at the other flyers and out PM beside a cheeper price, bring the flyers with me in the store and off i go. This is how i save most of my money well and use coupons lol.

How to get things for FREE you ask. Well this is how combine a coupon with clearance prices items or sale price item, use overages, free samples and mail in rebates. More information found here http://www.savebiglivebetter.com/getting-things-for-free

There is also some coupon lingo or short terms words we use how to understand what it means here are a few examples are FPC (free product coupon), WUB (when you buy) BOGOF (buy one get one free), MIR (mail in rebate), OOP (out of pocket), RACK ( random act of kindness) and SCOP (scanning code of practice)

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