20 Sept 2012

Smart Source Preview Sept 22 2012

This will be in your local paper so watch out for them

 Free Can of Science Diet Ideal Balance WUB Ideal Balance Dry Dog Food
20 pack of Finish Quantam FREE with MIR
.50ȼ OFF Werthers Original products (ANY)
$1 OFF Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (ANY)
$1 OFF Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue
$1 OFF Cottonnelle Flushable Wipes
$1 OFF Pledge Aerosol
$1 OFF Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning gel, fresh brush or toilet duck
$1 OFF Scrubbing Bubbles or Fantastic Trigger (ANY)
$1.50 OFF Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosols (ANY)
$1.50 OFF Soft Soap Foaming Hands Soap (ANY)
$1 OFF Science Diet Dog Treats
$2 OFF Science Diet Pet food
$2 OFF Simple Sensitive Skin Expert Product (ANY)
$2 OFF WUB2 Windex Triggers
$3 OFF Advil Nighttime
$3 OFF 2 Lunch entrees at Red Lobster (ANY)
$4 OFF 2 Dinner entrees at Red Lobster (ANY)
$5 OFF Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution
$5 OFF Rubbermaid Reveal Mop

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