22 Jun 2015

Kraft Whats Cooking Coupons

There are a few new coupons from Kraft Whats Cooking available to print.
  • Save $1.25 WUB Kraft Singles (450g - 900g) AND Campbell's Ready to Serve Soup (540mL)
  • Save $1 off Maxwell House Keurig Compatible Pods
  • Save $2 off  Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese Product (227g)
  • Save $1 WUB2 Mio, Crystal Light or Kool-Aid liquid drink mix
  • Save $1 WUB2 COOL WHIP whipped topping (1L, any variety)
  • Save $1 off  Cracker Barrel Shredded Cheese
  • Save $2 off Nabob Keurig Compatible Pods
  • Save $1 off Krat Salad Dressing (475 or 710 ml) 
  • Save $0.50 Catelli Bistro Pasta 
  • *NEW* Save $1 off Kraft Singles Process Cheese Product (450g format, any variety)
  • *NEW* Save $0.50 off Jet-Puffed Marshmellows 
  • *NEW* Save $1.50 off Cracker Barrel Special Réserve natural cheese (250g, any variety)
  • *NEW* Save $1 off Philadelphia Jalapeno Cream Cheese (227g)

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