19 Jun 2015

FREE Toys R Us Play Day June 20

Visit Toys R Us for their Play Day Saturday, June 20, 2015 starting at 11:00 am
  • Star Wars Father's Day Station: Come face off for a Father-Daughter and Father-Son lightsabers pose, build Star Wars Folded Flyers with Klutz, and some more Star Wars family fun
  • Hasbro Games Station: Square off against friends with Jurassic World dinosaurs and Minions games
  • Doh Vinci Craft Station: Make N’ Take! Kids can bring home their creative artwork to proudly show to friends and family. While supplies last.
  • Paw Patrol Station: Kids can come play with their favourite characters from the popular show and take some time to get creative with Paw Patrol activity sheets.
    Iron Man Motion Activated Gloves, Captain America Star Launch Shield, Nerf and MORE!
  • Play & Discover Station: Play with the new MiPosaur and see its cool tricks, then discover this season’s hot outdoor toys with Firetek and Zombie Slayers! Learn about what makes these toys super cool and fun for summer!

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